iOS NSString 함수 정리.

iOS 프로그래밍을 하는데, 중요한 NSString 클래스의 함수들을 정리합니다.
Developer Library에 있는 내용이지만, 그 중에서 하나씩 가져와서 잘 쓰는 기능에 대해서 정리합니다.

Creating and Initializing Strings

Creating and Initializing a String from a File

Creating and Initializing a String from an URL

Writing to a File or URL

Getting a String’s Length

Getting Characters and Bytes

Getting C Strings

Combining Strings

Dividing Strings

Finding Characters and Substrings

Replacing Substrings

Determining Line and Paragraph Ranges

Determining Composed Character Sequences

Converting String Contents Into a Property List

Identifying and Comparing Strings

Folding Strings

Getting a Shared Prefix

Changing Case

Getting Strings with Mapping

Getting Numeric Values

Working with Encodings

Working with Paths

Working with URLs

Linguistic Tagging and Analysis

위 내용은 Develper Libarary에 있는 내용을 사용하면서, 쓰임새를 정리한 것입니다.

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